Saturday, December 10, 2011


You know how my blog is about reviewing origami models?  Well I'm thinking about reviewing internet memes too!  Don't know what the heck an internet meme is?  Bacically, it is something that quickly spreads widely over the internet over a group of people (usually millions of people).  Types ofe memes can range from viral videos to  pictures to phrases to songs, etcetera.  Examples of memes?  Nyan Cat, the song "Friday"(Rebecca Black), and peanut butter jelly time song/banana dude.  And those are just a few!  So my question is should I also review memes along with origami models tell me in the comments what you think!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Origami Wobbling Wall of 9 Cubes Review

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't blogged in a while.  I have my own Youtube account now, so I will make tutorials on that and not on my blog.  I'll just stick to reviews for my blog(my username is Oridom66).  Anyway, yesterday was my birthday, and I got a lot of stuff, like a new camera and lots of origami paper.  I got some long, narrow strips of paper for making paper stars, but I used some to make an origami wobbling wall of nine cubes, which was designed by Heinz Strobl.  When you grab the two cubes on its side you can move them and make all nine cubes "wobble".  Basically, you make nine cubes(each out of three small strips of paper), and then connect them using longer strips in paper.  It doesn't really matter the color paper you use, or the size.  I wanted for mine to turn out smaller, so I used narrower paper.  It takes a while to make, so I don't recomend making it unless you have some patience.  Other than that, I give it *****(you should know by now that I mean 5 stars).  Bye!  

Friday, September 30, 2011

Youtube Account

Hi guys!  The other people in the origami buisness and I  are now sharing a Youtube account, so now you can see us on Youtube.  Our username is Origamimuppets, so be sure to search us up, even though we haven't made any videos.  We will show our awsome origami models we've made like a flying pig that I designed myself!  However, we won't post origami tutorials until we get 50 subscribers. So, like all Youtubers say, remember to coment, rate, and SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Origami Buisness

Hey everyone! I'm sorry about this, but my tutorials won't be out until my next post or later.  Anyway, me and some of my friend started an origami business.  So basically,  we make  awesome origami models like magic balls, flashers, and 3D origami(I'll post about 3D origami soon).  3D origami is like, the ultimate origami, but we won't go into that too much for now.  We already have, like, 20 orders for origami magic balls, so it looks like I'm gonna be pretty busy.  Um... I may post my friend Facebook page for you guys to see more about our business.  I also may get a new favicon!  I know you guys don't care.  Bye for now!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Origami Magic Ball Rating

Hi!  I know this is pretty pointless, but I give the origami magic ball project *****(5 stars).  I forgot to include that in my other post.  Well, I think I may do origami tutorials once in a while, but I'll still do origami reviews.  Bye to you.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Hey!  It's me.  I was wondering your guys opinion of my blog.  Just wanted to now if you like it.  And also tell me if I should change from reviewing origami projects to giving origami tutorials.  Tell me in the comments.  Well... thats all for now!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hi everyone!  I haven't posted in a while.  I also realize that the title fore this post is irrelevant to my blog, but I thought this was pretty important.  So, two days ago, me, my mom, my siblings, my cousin, my aunt, and my grandmother all went out to eat.  We thought about going to this old- ish resturant called the "Armadillo" but decided not to.  So we went to this other place.   We had just ordered our food (keep in mind, we were at an old building) then the lights started swinging.  At first I thought  a big truck or something was zooming by and the wind from it shook the building, but the lights were flickering, which was wierd.  Then it hit me: this was is an earthquake.  The walls, the floorboards, the game and knick-knacks on the shelves, the chairs and tables, everything was shaking. It did that for a few seconds, then it settled down.  We ran outside because my aunt thought the building might colapse.  She's been in an earthquake before so apparently she knew what she was talking about.  We thought the earthquake only occoured where we were,  but my brother got a text  from his friend who was about 34 miles away sayng "Did you feel that?"  and same with my sister, so it didn't just happen where we were.  I was pretty freaked out at that point.  A couple  of buildings were cracked, and one if them was the "Armadillo".  Freaky, huh?  We tried calling and texting, and we had full reception, but it didn't work.  It was because everyone was trying to call and text people.  We wen back to the resturaunt, but ate outside so we could run if there was an after-shock.  While we were  eating, my aunt googled the earthquake, and it turns out, it struck the ENTIRE east coast and the epicenter was all the way in Virginia.  And this was only halve as strong as the one in Haiti.  That earthquake was on unforgetable moment.